Destiny Coach

Destiny Coach is Purpose and Destiny Discovery on a deeper, individual level. Destiny Coach is for those who have completed one of our Purpose and Destiny Discovery classes and have a desire to come into a coaching relationship with us.


We do not define coaching as “telling you what to do” or even telling you how we have done it. We define coaching as leading you to discover the gold that is already inside of you and helping you to pull it out, refine it and begin to walk in all the purpose that God has for your life, a purpose that He ordained for you before you even took your first breath.

This kind of coaching is very personal and relational. This is not a one-size fits all program. Each person is unique and each coaching relationship is unique and structured around you as a unique individual with a unique history, a unique gift set, a unique vision and a unique destiny.

Destiny coaching has very limited slots at any given time. If you have completed a Purpose and Destiny Class and would be interested in Destiny Coaching, please contact us to setup an initial consultation.