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Steve is the co-founder and President of Impact Purpose and Destiny. Steve is a native Texan, born in Fort Worth. He was raised in and baptized in the Southern Baptist Church. He gave his life to the Lord at the age of 20. He served as an associate pastor for 15 years before founding Impact Church in Benbrook, TX where he spent the next 15 years as the senior leader. He has an associate degree from Christ for the Nations, a bachelors degree from Southwestern Assemblies of God University and a MDiv from Apostolic University in New Orleans. He is also currently bi-vocational, working as Compliance Director at Mid America Mortgage, Inc.

Early in his walk with the Lord, Steve had an ability to see the gold in people and had a passion to help them discover and draw out that gold, that purpose, that reason that God had created them. While at Impact Church, Steve developed a Purpose and Destiny Discovery program. He led the Church’s leadership through the program on the corporate, church level, redefining and clearly articulating Impact Church’s Mission, Vision and Values. This process totally revolutionized the church and set the stage for Steve to personalize the material. He began to lead, first his leadership team, and then other tiers of the church, through the Purpose and Destiny Discovery Program on an individual basis.

Steve’s heart has always been and will always be for people to embrace, nurture and realize their God-given purposes. He has ministered to leaders in India, Kenya and Central America, helping leaders to discover their identity, embrace their purpose and walk out their destiny. Steve is also a certified Destiny Finder coach.

Steve has been married to his spouse, Terri, for 31 years and they currently live in Benbrook, Texas.


Terri grew up in Cahokia Illinois and moved to Fort Worth Texas in February of 1980.  She attended CFNI in Dallas, Texas.  She is a wife, and mother of 2 grown children.  A 26 year old son, and a 22 year old daughter who is nonverbal and has IDD.  Over the last 22 years she has engaged in advocacy for children with disabilities, specifically dealing with issues related to services provided by the school districts.  She has been a small business owner for the last 18 years and has been involved in various ministries for the last 35 years.  For the last 15 years she has been on the Leadership team at Impact Church. 

Terri has a heart for women and children and on several occasions has traveled to Africa as a Missionary to teach and share the gospel. She has hosted several women’s conferences in Fort Worth and encourages women to find out and pursue their destiny.  She believes everyone has a purpose and that there is gold in them.  Her passion is to push others towards finding out what their purpose is and to pursue it with all their hearts so they can be everything they were created to be. 


Cynthia (Cindy) has a passion for teaching, counseling and working with those who are hurting. She followed her passion by getting a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and then went on to receive a Master's of Counseling from Regent University. Cindy's passion and education landed her a Practicum and Internship at Colonial Behavior Health Hospital in Williamsburg, VA. and Greenbrier Fellowship in Chesapeake, VA. before returning to the Fort Worth area. Cindy played a significant role in what God was doing at Impact Church. She was one of the founding members and one of it’s ordained ministers. She continues to work on her Ph.D. Cindy also holds a Master's of Business Administration.


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