Purpose and Destiny Discovery

Impact Purpose and Destiny’s vision is to be a resource center and a ministry incubator that equips and empowers people and organizations to walk in intimate relationship with God the Father, discover their identity, embrace their purpose and fulfill their destiny, thus impacting and transforming lives, communities and future generations.

The main way that we fulfill this vision is what we call Purpose and Destiny Discovery.


Purpose - the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Destiny - a specific purpose or place to which a person or thing is set apart for.

Discovery - the act or process or making something known or visible.

Purpose and Destiny Discovery is the process of making known and visible the reason that a person exists and giving them the tools to begin to realize and walk out that purpose, thus fulfilling their destiny. Please make sure you visit our purpose and destiny page.

We offer various formats of Purpose and Destiny Discovery tailored to your church or ministries needs including 1 or 2 day workshops and 8 - 12 week small groups. Please contact us for more information and to setup an initial consultation.